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Notebooks Overview

We cater to all your note-taking needs! Our notebooks come in Notebook (A5) size, with fully bespoke, hardback covers and up to 8 fully bespoke internal pages.

You can create your corporate journals as a gift to your staff, or for a specific event. Our designers will provide suggestions and support for creating your bespoke notebook.

With almost 40 years of experience in creating beautiful and functional notebooks and journals, Lettertec will create your notebook or journal specifically to your needs.

Lettertec are the

Customised Design, Print &
Binding Specialists!

You can call us on 021 488 3370 or 01 679 5844 to discuss your project or email us at info@lettertec.com and we will respond as soon as possible.
We look forward to hearing from you!

What We Do

We create high quality solutions for a wide variety of industries and specifically for Education/Training, IT and Life Sciences.

Our technological capability ensures outstanding print quality, fast turnaround, and exceptional cost effectiveness for you. We will do everything from design through to print and production for your project.

We also have a full in-house bindery. Book binding finishing options include stitch, perfect bind (paperback) or case bind (hard back).
Lettertec produce exclusive customised hard cover notebooks on-site for many organisations. These include scientific research laboratory notebooks, logbooks, school homework journals / annual yearbooks etc.

Why We’re Different

Lettertec provides a wealth of design, print & binding experience, offering unparalleled specialist expertise all under the one roof. This professional consultative knowledge together with a dedicated commitment to aiding customer’s unique and often unusual requirements is truly second to none.

Lettertec provide a unique offering to our clients with a complete design, print and binding service – all in an efficient, seamless, and cost-effective way!

Please contact us about specific delivery information (also for delivery enquiries over-seas).